360 Photography is What Makes Virtual Tours Tick

The heart and soul of any virtual tour is solid 360 photography. Similar to how normal .jpg images are used in slide shows, 360 photos are what virtual tours rely on. By stringing together several 360 photos, an engaging 360 degree experience is born.

Where Are Virtual Tours Hosted?

Virtual tours are hosted in a couple of places.

  1. Google Maps – The best part about this solution is familiarity. Most of your customers are already familiar with how to use Google Street View. Many of us have Google’d “restaurant near me”, and explored the street’s 360 photography to see how parking is, what the venue looks like, and so on.
  2. Your website – This is the perfect place to embed your tour. In fact, the time visitors spend on your web page will increase. Why? Because you are giving your visitors something interactive to do! Embedding can be done with the custom 360 virtual tour, or Google Maps virtual tour. Our developers help you take advantage of your existing website by embedding the tour for you.

What Platforms Can I See Virtual Tours On?

You and your customers have several platforms to browse your virtual tour on:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PC
  • VR headsets

How Do I Get My Own Virtual Tour?

Getting your own virtual tour is easy as 1, 2, 3! Start by booking a date with our professional photographers. For the fastest response, call toll free 1-833-249-8687.

One, our photography team at Virtual Tours Canada will capture and edit 8k quality 360 photos (see example of a 360 photo). With this level of quality, your customers will gain trust in your brand immediately. There are cheaper alternatives, but that’s just asking for a worse first impression (and therefore, less sales).

Two, our developers link your 360 photos together. To navigate through the virtual tour, you simply click or tap on the white arrows (INSERT IMAGE OF WHITE ARROWS). Other features included are the ability to spin around, as well as zoom in and out.

Three, we publish and send you a link to your Google Maps virtual tour or custom 360 virtual tour.

Are you having a hard time deciding which service is right for you? Just ask our 360 photography experts. Or, consider reading the blog post Differences Between Google Google Street View Tour & Custom 360 Virtual Tours, by 360 Vid Inc. The post describes key differences between what you can (and cannot) do with each platform.